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Alexandria Wynter Russell 

Founder of She with Alex Wynter


Hellooo you beautiful queen! 

I'm Alex and if we're already friends you probably know a few things about me:

  • My preferred method of celebration is champagne, bacon, and glitter-anything with a side of Beyonce.

  • I'm probably asking Ryan to take just "a few more" pictures of me

  • And I'm definitely convincing you to go for that new job, try that new workout, or click "add to cart"

But if you're new around here, thank you for stopping by and I have a feeling we're going to get along!

Three years ago, I ventured into the journey of online girlbossing as a health and fitness coach in a top fitness network marketing company. During that time, I read countless personal development books, learned the ins and outs of social media marketing and sales, invested in conventions and trainings and quickly drained myself in those years.

I realized I had put so much focus and energy towards building a business that I forgot to show some love and attention to the other parts of my life that make me, me - like my job as a speech pathologist, my fiance, and enjoying our brand new house and life in the city!

So I made a change. I knew this passion for helping other women, who were also struggling to juggle all the different parts of their life, wasn't getting any smaller.

Launched in 2018 - SHE by Alex Wynter is a community for the career woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, the millennial woman who loves brunch more than burpees, and the on-the-go superwoman looking to get just a little bit more out of life than the daily grind.

If you love mimosas, Beyonce, and a good clearance at Lululemon, you'll fit in perfectly around here. Don't forget to check out the events page for details on the next SHE meetup and treat yourself to a #shesquad👑 favorite in the shop!

With peace, love, and avocado toast,



I believe in exploring all careers, passions, and jobs that make you happy. Makes for a fulfilling and interesting life, you know? Check out my other services below and let's connect!



Looking for a personalized fitness experience? Grab your closest girlfriends, sweat with your favorite coworkers, or throw the ultimate cardio-kickboxing party while we reserve our studio just for you. TurboKick is available to you in an intimate boutique setting at Grey Dolphin Studio (located in Northern Liberties, PA) with 1:1 attention and a class tailored to your needs. Celebrate. Sweat. Feel good. Message me with your event details and requests.

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