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Comparison and Crying

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

I came home from work yesterday ready to work on my new website and plan for new SHE events, when I decided to IG scroll (mistake #1).

I'm not sure why I did this to myself...

But I clicked on a post that said "Girlboss starts new female entrepreneur networking site." Wait...hold the damn mean like SHE?!?! **internal monologue freaking out, cursing, tears start flowing*

  • How dare Sophia Amaroso start her own version of SHE?!...was the first thought that came to my mine.

  • Who's going to even want to join SHE after the original Girlboss starts her own version?! ...second fleeting thought

  • Well just screw it then. Guess I should just delete my website and try something else. ...third, last and most killer thought

I mean how easy was that to talk myself out of something I really love?!
My confidence wavers. I get nervous. I question myself BUT I never give up.
How I keep it moving after the comparison game:

Some tears. A glass of wine. A quiet moment to myself. And tapping into my circle of friends who I know will give my honest advice and support.

Remember: Uplift over compare. Do something to move your business forward over compare. Compliment over compare.

What I learned is that there's ALWAYS going to be someone else out there doing something similar to you (um hello Uber and Lyft, Apple and Samsung) BUT they can never copy your spirit, your personality, or your shine. Don't get discouraged on your journey queens. Crowns on and polished.

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