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Beauty with a purpose.

If you're anything like me, you're also a skincare and beauty junkie with hoards of sample sizes and glosses packed away in your vanity. I wish I could stop but everytime I'm at Ulta the word "no thanks" never leaves my mouth when the cashier asks if I want to try a new face mask sample. LOL.

That being said, it was a no-brainer when the opportunity to partner with Beautycounter was presented to me. A company whose mission is safer beauty in the hands of everyone, whose mission is advocacy and education for safer beauty laws, and who supports fresh glowy skin for all - YES PLEASE.

SHE is all about empowering women to make informed and confident decisions in their careers and social lives. It seems to me, if we're negotiating for higher salaries and running studios/offices/businesses/gyms, we should also make informed and confident decisions about the products we use to get those long lashes and rejuvenated under eyes!

It was news to me that the EU bans over 1400 harmful toxins and chemicals from their beauty products and the US only bans 30!! How crazy. Beautycounter's got this amazing "Never List" of 1500 questionable ingredients they don't allow in their products. I'll sip a glass of champagne to that!

So here's the dealio on two quick swaps you can make, because let's be honest there's no way you're going to throw out all those creams and glosses or stick to 1 brand, because ladies like their options, am I right?!

A clean swap

Many traditional eye and face creams are made with preservatives that can potentially release formaldehyde - ew! Try Beautycounter's adaptive moisture lotion made with plant based preservatives instead!

Lots of mascaras are made with carbon black for the dark pigment but carbon black unfortunately has been linked to adverse health effects. Try Beautycounter's mascara for an everyday work look, made with naturally occurring iron oxides.

Anyway ladies, if you're interested in trying out some of these products I am hosting a SHE Spa and Brunch Day where we'll be sampling Beautycounter, learning more about safer beauty options, and sipping on mimosas. RSVP here and I'll see you beautiful queens there!

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