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Eyelash Extensions Pt. 2 - What to Expect

Alright beauties, so you've already chosen your new favorite lash tech. Next up - what to expect during your appointment.

Some thoughts that went through my head on my first appointment...

- How will I keep my eyes closed for so long?

- Am I allowed to sleep?

- Will I feel them putting the lashes on?

- Will my eyelids get glued shut?

I'm back with Eboni, lash tech, makeup artist, and founder of Tahira Cosmetics - where she's giving you all the details on what you can expect from your lash appointment.

"During your appointment you should expect nothing less than relaxation! This is the perfect opportunity to unwind, take a nap, meditate, listen to music, an audiobook or podcast. If your tech does not play music during your appointment, bring headphones and listen to whatever you want.

Here’s a little insider tip: If you've become good friends with your lash tech, as much as we want to talk and catch up, sometimes moving your mouth and face could slow us down! Make sure to check in that all the chatting isn't adding time to your appointment.

At no point should anything hurt or be uncomfortable. The only way your lash tech will know something is wrong is if you tell her, so please speak up if you are uncomfortable for any reason. A good lash technician will not use lashes too heavy and too long for your natural lashes.

Remember everyone’s lashes will look different! Enjoy those wispy beauties!"

- Eboni Russell of Tahira Cosmetics

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