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Facial Rollers & Making Healthy Moves

So apparently I am late to the game when it comes to facial rollers ladies. Considering how much I love looking for the newest skincare & beauty products, I can't believe I haven't had one sooner.

Anyway, thanks to a recommendation from the ever-stylish and fellow Philly bossbabe Mackenzie Day, I bought a rose-quartz facial roller!! The benefits of facial rolling are:

- reduced puffiness & fine lines

- promotes lymphatic drainage (nerd alert -the lymphatic system is the body's major detoxification system)

- improves skin elasticity

- helps products absorb better

Yes to all of this, please and thank you.

I've done some research on facial rollers from Amazon to Ulta to Sephora, ranging from $13-$40. It seems, unfortunately, these rollers don't last forever. But, some do come with a money-back guarantee which is great in my book. If you've had your roller more than a year, puhleaseee let me know the brand!

Use your roller with a face serum or oils ladies! I've been using mine with a brightening facial oil and have been loving the results, especially underneath my eyes. Here's the links beautiful queens:

Witty Rose-Quartz Facial Roller (comes with 100% money-back guarantee)

#sundayskin approved!


My #selfcarewithshe tip for the week is going to require you to eat a vegetable and/or a fruit ladies. I know, I know. Let's be honest, we all remember that time we went a little too long without eating something green or having a piece of fruit other than what's at the bottom of our greek yogurt cup.

This week I want you ladies to try and incorporate a healthy meal into your routine with a loved one. Ryan made the grocery list, I shopped (aka Instacart haha), and we prepped breakfast for the week - whole grain plain & blueberry pancakes!!

I'm already relaxed going into this week knowing I've got something to eat for breakfast everyday. So pick your roommate, your husband, your girlfriend, your fiance and make something delicious & healthy for the two of you! Guaranteed- one less argument during the week of who's cooking ;-)

Have a fabulous week girlfriends!

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