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Eyelash Extensions: Part 1 - How to Choose a Lash Tech

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Grab a cocktail and settle in queens. Get ready for a 3 part series on having the fiercest lashes out there. Listen, I love me some long and thick lashes but I was born with thin and short lashes. Enter: eyelash extensions and falsies. (Side note - does anyone else's man have the BEST eyelashes?! I've threatened Ryan many times to take his while he was sleeping because he does not deserve them LOL)

I've had eyelash extensions many times, some went very well and others...well I thought my eyeballs were possibly falling out from weird creams and ended up with bald eyelids after a month. With all the Groupons and Living Socials floating around for lash extensions, and friends of friends getting certified - it is SO important that you choose a lash tech who will keep you looking fierce but also uses the proper technique!

I've collaborated with an amazing lash tech (and my cousin!), Eboni Russell, owner of Tahira Beauty: Makeup and Lashes. Eboni is based out of the DMV and serving up gorgeous looks to fellow queens in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. In this blog post, she spills all the juicy deets on the who/what/when/how of choosing the perfect lash tech for your beautiful lashes. I hope you enjoy and drop a comment below to let me know what you think!


From Tahira Beauty:

There are thousands of eyelash technicians. It seems like every time I'm on Instagram, there’s another person promoting their eyelash extension services. The trend in the beauty industry is to get certified, build your clientele, then teach others how to do extensions. So how do you filter through all of these technicians to choose the best one?

How to choose a lash tech

Experience & Education- In most states, you do not have to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist to provide eyelash extension services; meaning someone with an interest in the service can spend between $2k-3k on a course and be “certified”. I’m not knocking this because this is how I became certified. Please do your part and research the school, person, or academy that provided the certification. If the technician you’re considering was certified by someone who has been doing eyelashes for a year or less, I would not recommend going to them. If the person you’re considering has been doing lashes for a year or less and certified by a reputable company, I would say it’s ok to give them a try! It will require patience, but on a positive note - they will most likely have discount prices since they’re just starting out.

Photos & Reviews- If the technician you’re considering wasn’t referred by someone you trust, or you did not see their work for yourself, you’ll have to judge by pictures and reviews. Think about the look you’re going for. If you are looking for a dramatic look, don’t pick someone who does only natural looks. Also, feel free to use your investigative/snooping skills! Look at the comments, read reviews, see if the clients their posting are regular clients.

Vibes & Customer Service- Customer service is SO important! My feeling is that if you do great work but you’re rude, you cannot have my hard-earned money. If you’ve found a technician you want to try, contact him/her. Pay attention to how long they take to respond to you and if they’re professional, as well as pleasant. If someone is annoyed by your questions, they don’t deserve your money. You should feel comfortable with whoever will be your lash technician. Read the cancellation policy and make sure you agree with it. Overall, go with your gut! If you don’t get good vibes, keep looking!

Who's ready to book their next lash appointment?

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week - "What to Expect During Your Appointment"

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In order: Eboni of Tahira Beauty; Picture 2 and 3: Clients of Tahira Beauty

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